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Empire Slice House


Empire Slice House


Creative Direction: Grant Hill
Art Direction: Chris Castro
Design: Elizabeth Maxwell


Branding, Signage, Print Design, Layout, Web Design

Empire Slice House is Oklahoma's favorite place to grab a slice and a cocktail. They serve pies that put an exciting foodie twist on traditional pizzas. The pies are all named after pop-culture figures (from Foghorn Leghorn, to Brussell Westbrook).

For the logo, we replaced the middle arm of each E with a slice of pizza (if you look closely, you'll notice slice is resting on a pizza peel that is created by the negative space). This allows the E to function as a stand-alone element that is still very branded. Throughout the identity, we made heavy use of gold and black to reference the influence art deco in New York's visual identity. This—along with the wheat paste posters in the interior—communicates a deep admiration for Manhattan.

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