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Name Evaluation *
Name Evaluation
Our job at Finch is to help you make sure your name is resonating with the people you are trying to reach. Part of choosing a great identity often involves entertaining other names that might resonate more with your target audience.
Is your company open to further exploration of the company name?
How do you relate to your industry? *
How do you relate to your industry?
We are rebellious. We want to look radically different from our industry, even if it means ignoring some traditions. (e.g. MTV)
We are traditional. We want to do things in accordance with convention to fit in our industry. (e.g. Toyota)
How do you appear to consumers? *
How do you appear to consumers?
We are accessible. We want all people to feel like they can do business with us/afford us. (e.g. CVS)
We are elevated. We want people to appear as a brand for more of a select market. We want to be the brand people save up for. (e.g. Tesla)
How do you balance work and play? *
How do you balance work and play?
We are a serious brand, more work than play. We should communicate in terms of formal business, even if it can mean being a little hands-off. It is important that we communicate "serious business." (e.g. Chase Bank)
We are a fun brand, appearing more playful than work-oriented. Even if business is happening, we still need to seem human and fun. This happens through humor and playful visual language. (e.g. Geico)
How do you relate to the past? *
How do you relate to the past?
We are nostalgic. What are focused on our heritage / the past. This could be something vintage or something historical.
We are brand new. We want to appear as cutting-edge and innovative, even if it could mean looking a bit unfamiliar.
How do you present yourself over the years?
How do you present yourself over the years?
We are all about what is "now." We pay attention to and keep up with the latest trends, even if it means updating our brand more often. (e.g. Urban Outfitters)
We are timeless. What we do/offer will not look dramatically different in five years, so neither should our identity. (e.g. Coca Cola)
Further Questions
This isn't the only group you will reach, this is just the group with which you will have the least friction in communication. A good description of demographics often mentions gender, age, socio-economics, communities, identities etc. It's better to be descriptive!
If you don't have a "mission statement" that's okay! Just roughly tell us what your company's purpose is.
Be descriptive! Just to clarify, we are asking about the brand you want to create. Not the one you currently have. Describe the style, fashion, brands, and general look of your brand as a person.
If so, describe them here.